From the start of collaboration with Indigo Capital the company has grown from a small Swedish start-up to
an internationally known brand and a publicly listed corporation with stocks traded at Nasdaq North.
The clinic is focused on neurology, reabilitation, oncology, surgery and therapy. The 5000 sqm. building hosts an in-patient facility, 3 surgery rooms, intensive cure unit for 12 patients, reabilitation facility, CT and other modern equipment.
Products manufactured by Polymerbyt are represented in all major food- and DYI retail chains in Russia.
The company's product mix is comprised of more than 500 SKUs and is continuously updated. Polymerbyt has been retaining leadership in Russia for several decades.
The company manufactures and supplies high-precision gyroscopes and accelerometers to the world's leading aerospace and defence corporations.
The company was founded in 2010 and is now a #2 player on the Russian collective discounts market.