The company was acquired by a strategic investor ( Group) in 2018 at a valuation which was two times the entry valuation.
The clinic is focused on neurology, reabilitation, oncology, surgery and therapy. The 5000 sqm. building hosts an in-patient facility, 3 surgery rooms, intensive cure unit for 12 patients, reabilitation facility, CT and other modern equipment.
Major part of Indigo's stake in the company was sold to a strategic investor (Playrix) in 2019.
In april 2013 Indigo Capital participated in a round of financing led by Flashpoint venture fund.
In 2018 the company was sold at a valuation of 45 mln. USD, generating a 2x return on the investment.
Indigo Capital team provided consultancy services during acquisition and - later on - disposal of the majority stake in the company.
Indigo supported the company from Seed-round. It was sold to a private investor in 2021.