Our approach

We try to work with people who, like us, don't take themselves and their business too seriously. People with
a good sense of humor and self-irony for whom money and success in business are not an ultimate goal or
an important measure of virtue and personal strength. Business for us is primarily a game and an opportunity to become self-fulfilled and make the world an even more exciting, better place.

At the same time, occasionally we also enjoy working with people of quite a different breed! We try to look at ourselves and our business through the optics of their values in order to, perhaps, rebuild or rethink something once more as well as to pass on a part of our DNA to them.
This description of our "approach" may seem rather futile or controversial to some but rest assured that perfectionism, honesty, professionalism and a true passion for what we do are at the core of our values. 


Indigo Capital Partners manages private investments of Petr Zhukov and provides consulting services in the areas of private equity and venture capital investments focused on consumer goods manufacturing, private healthcare and IT





Petr Zhukov Petr Zhukov
Maria Minskova Maria Minskova
Yaroslav Ionov Yaroslav Ionov
Irina Sergeeva Irina Sergeeva
Petr Zhukov

Founder and Managing Partner

Maria Minskova

Managing Partner

Yaroslav Ionov

Vice President

Irina Sergeeva


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