Tendertech is one of Russia's largest platforms for bank guarantees required for participation in tenders in accordance with federal laws #44, #223 and #185.
It is the leading player in the market for small-ticket guarantees (below 5 mln. RUB).
While the company's service is fast and simple, it also ensures compliance with all risk-management procedures agreed upon with banks. 
Sektsia is a fancy premium-quality gym in the center of Moscow. A wide variety of popular classes is available to its customers - from yoga and barre to cycle and martial arts. 
Number of club members surpassed 1000 people within mere 1,5 years since launch.

Key product of the company is its proprietory software "Click to Cart"
that allows to add an item to an on-line retailers cart in one click 
from any commercial, promotional mail or simple article on a website.
The company is catering its services to such well-known clients as 
Amazon, WallMart and many others.
Shopster provides analytical services to the largest shopping malls and billboard owners in the country. 
The company accumulated a unique database of more than 25 mln. customers. This data 
allows for in-depth analysis of off-line advertising efficiency.
Eduson's sales and management courses have been used for a number of years
by such high-profile clients as Rostelecom, Gazpromneft, Mechel and many others. 
More than 120 thousand people use Eduson's online courses.
BeTrue produces 100% natural juices and smoothies as well as cold soups, ice tea and other beverages.
BeTrue's products are sold in most mpremium retail chains in Russia. Withing a year from Petr's investment in the project the company's
revenue has increased more than six-fold.